Some Significant Modern Technology for Your Work Place

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It is extremely far-fetched to keep up to date with all of the effective technologies being offered these days for companies to run in their work places. Let’s see it, it isn’t all subsidiary to all organizations but there are some great and often overlooked nuggets of information out there.

The combination of a professional, beautifully located work place that lapped some of the episodic technological innovations may have significant benefits for both the daily running of a company, as well as how an organization is perceived by its customers. For example, it’s clear to say that an organization that continuously presents ideas to customers would be very well perceived with a professional audio visual system, as unfavorable to the kind most of you have seen before that have a habit of infirmary mid presentation, needing an IT professional to run in and walk the thing up and spreading again. That’s simply one instance of how modern technology can impact your organization. There are a few more instances:

Another instance is that of digital video conferencing. With the incarnation of Skype messenger along with other technological systems on the comprehensive market many of you are a plenty more careful of this kind of communication than you used to be. The point is that for those comprehensive market models that incessantly need to hook up from country to country through video and audio, maybe for important meetings, a professional, dedicated system is needed. There are plenty of organizations offering these types of technological innovations and they can have a contingent impact on the modernalism of an organization, specifically if you often communicate with crucial customers through audio and video.

IPT (Internet Protocol Television) technology is yet another example which is all around you, basically without us knowing this technology. This is occupied in lots of ways, one instance is for sending video over a high speed net connection, IPT is the concept that access BBC iPlayer via live streaming. It is also used to carry other signals like digital signage, also called dynamic signage which we come across at railway stations, home improvement stores, airport terminals, and inside of large buildings. IPTV has a great role to play within the work places of many businesses with the networking gear of an extensive array of digital service information. A great number of organizations are realizing its benefits and adopting it.

In the end, not all organizations want to consider each new bit of modern technology that presents itself on the comprehensive market but there are numerous important methods that certain examples of the new digital squash can truly make a business function better.

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Combine Language Learning and Technology to Explode Your Teaching and Learning Success

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Are you looking to boost your English language teaching or learning skills to yet ever higher levels? Would you like to stimulate more interest in your language classes or break out of a slump or plateau? Combine the use of a variety of language learning techniques with continually developing technology to spur your successes. Here are some useful ideas and web sites to get you started.


A Web Log or Blog, is not unlike a dairy you keep online. You can write instructions, an essay or post any type of information you want. Graphics and images can be included to illustrate the written material. Sound and audio-visual files can also be placed into a blog for added impact. A teacher can post a reading or assignment where students can comment right online. No papers, no clutter and you can view it almost any time. Blogs are becoming easier to use and access and many sites allow you to set one up for free.


Most professionals have an e-mail address or two. Your e-mail can now become a communicative tool between you and the learners. E-mail can now also include the use of images and sound or audio-visual clips, as well as the message text. Learners can send in assignments as attachments or pasted into the body of the e-mail. They can ask questions and receive timely feedback without waiting for the next class session. Teachers can send out instructions, updates or other information to learners individually, or as a group also without having to wait for the next scheduled class session.

No computer? No problem. In many parts of the world e-cafes are so cheap they’re actually a viable alternative that students can easily afford. Whole “communities” of young learners are based on hangouts at e-cafes in some cultures. Talk to your students about it. You might be surprised.


The use of online games, EFL practice sites student and teacher forums, communities and activities has exploded in recent months in many parts of the world. Virtual communities and online reference libraries now enable learners to problem-solve, research a paper or to more quickly complete assignments that formerly would have taken disproportionately large amounts of time to complete. For example, a few sites worth mentioning include:


A web site which offers free access to books that can be read on-screen


This is a site which has a lengthy listing of virtual libraries in almost any genre and connects more than 900 mostly Spanish language libraries


This site interconnects an advanced academic network of Latin American libraries


This site allows you access and read a large number of its collected works online and contains exposition pages

o The official Project Gutenburg web site contains an extensive listing of literary works in English which have entered the Public Domain. It’s online at: []

Try some of these useful ideas and web sites to get you started in combining the use of a variety of language learning techniques with continually developing technology to explode your English language teaching and learning successes. If you need to know more about using these or other new technologies to boost student interest and motivation making your English language teaching more effective, feel free to e-mail me at the address below with questions or comments.

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Why Workday Is the New Revolution in HR Technology?

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So there’s certainly quicker to value with fewer consultants and generally projects take shorter time. The second thing is there’s a workday delivered methodology, which all partners have to use. so only approved partners can work on implementation projects and every consultant from every part has to be certified on every new version of the product there’s less freedom to customize but in our experience it’s rare that customers can’t meet their needs through the configuration options available. One of the key issues is change management a workday implementation project is going to affect every employee at every level in the organization.

Communication appropriate to the different levels of the organization and to the different roles that people play is absolutely key. also the HR function itself is likely to be transformed people that have been doing a certain kind of work for years, may find their work changing significantly or even disappearing and that has to be handled with sensitivity. customers nearly always overestimate the quality of their data with the increased visibility and action ability of data and workday becomes a critical issue and data cleansing is very time consuming there’s also the move to self-sufficiency. it’s important when the project ends customer is able to be self-sufficient with workday that means being able to alter business processes handle reorganizations and load reference data like currency rates or holiday calendars into the system. a key aspect is testing this is not testing of the workday product as such but all integrations and any business processes that have been configured by the customer or the implementation partner will need to be tested when new versions come along or for integrations when either the source or target systems change luckily we can help In solving issues.

Smart test automation tool which enables you to run Suites of regression tests with minimal effort and cut down the amount of time it takes to do testing within an implementation we always start off by trying to understand the business drivers behind any company’s desire to implement workday and we use those to inform our approach. Some customers may want a radical implementation of manager self-service, involving a large-scale move of HR administration from the HR function to managers as other companies will prefer many more manager self-service its part of kenosis DNA to do. What it takes to make sure that customers are successful and our workday business unit is no different.

Workday use our extensive project experience and our knowledge of the HR technology space to provide thought leadership and not just bums on seats finally if customers wanted workday provide a full post life support service leveraging our 25 years experience in supporting products of company. Well firstly our HCM practice is dedicated to workday so you get no mixed messages and 100% committed to partnership with workday.

knose smart test automation tool it’s a cloud-based SAS product like workday that can reduce manual testing by a factor of up to 50% finally there’s our consistent track record of customer endorsements in that sense again we resemble workday you might not see Kaos sponsoring a golf tournament but talk to any of workday customers and you’ll get a consistent message about the quality of staff and commitment to their success

Recommended audience:

Software Developers

Project managers

Human recourse managers

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